ColorNow™ Digital Service from Avient Offers Immediate Color Matching and Streamlined Color Design Process

October 12, 2023
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Avient’s customer-focused ColorNow™ digital service uses a mobile app at its core with structural enhancements around it, such as a portable light booth for color matching based on a physical target.

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SINGAPORE – October 12, 2023 – Avient Corporation, a premier provider of specialized and sustainable material solutions and services, today announced its ColorNow™ digital service is offering immediate color matching and an enhanced color design process for plastic manufacturers. These improved services can help customers achieve significant time savings from color matching and selection to sampling, approval, ordering, and delivery.

Since its introduction as InstaColr in 2019, Avient’s ColorNow service is continually improving, adding new features and functionality to leverage its digital potential and streamline the color design process via a mobile app and a web interface. Structural system enhancements, such as a portable light booth for immediate color matching, hand-held spectrophotometer, and embedded standard libraries such as PANTONE® colors, reduce the required color design time to right now, including precise color measurement and colorant quotation. Specialized labs then provide fast sample delivery, using expert formulation practices and quality raw materials to accelerate approvals and time to market.

“Digitalization is changing and improving traditional business models, opening up enormous potential for innovation in our industry,” says Gustavo Haruki Kume, digital program leader of Color & Additives Asia at Avient. “At the same time, however, it produces considerable data that must be effectively managed with new time- and cost-efficient tools. Our ColorNow service is an advanced mobile and web application for digital color matching, prediction, selection, and prompt proposals. It is one of the fastest color design tools currently available in the market and is supported by rapid manufacturing and delivery of samples.” 

Avient’s ColorNow service overcomes essential challenges in digitalized color design. In particular, it addresses the differences between the optical properties of molded plastic parts and electronic displays, the different standards used in the electronic display industry versus the surface color industry, and the problem that feasible colors in molded plastic parts have a diverse range compared to those that can be shown by electronic displays. The result is a tool and process that harmonizes these fundamental inconsistencies to provide fast and efficient color solutions right now in the field without extensive remote laboratory-based color matching. 

The ColorNow service is commercially available in Southeast Asia and Greater China and is currently being tested in Europe. The platform will arrive in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America in 2024. The tool was honored with a Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Award 2021 in the Digital Chemicals category.

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