Avient's New Edgetek™ Materials Optimize Weld Strength, Flame Retardance and Aesthetics for Laser Welded Applications

September 20, 2022
Edgetek Laser Welding Solutions

Caption: New Edgetek polycarbonates can help manufacturers produce highly reliable, particulate- and flash-free welds in thin-wall parts with geometric complexity and high standards for aesthetics.  

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SHANGHAI, China – September 20, 2022 – Avient today announced the addition of new laser weldable polycarbonate (PC) grades to its Edgetek™ portfolio of specialty thermoplastics. The new formulations are intended for applications in small appliances, personal care products, consumer electronics, healthcare devices, and industrial electronics. They can help manufacturers produce highly reliable, particulate and flash-free welds in thin-wall parts with increasing geometric complexity and rising standards for aesthetics. Besides laser weldable performance, this new series is also formulated with excellent flame retardance, high impact performance, and high-flow characteristics to satisfy unique needs in multiple applications.

The quality of the laser plastic welding process hinges on how transmissive or absorptive the components are to laser energy. In general, flame retardants and colorants often impede the energy needed to melt the polymer during joining, possibly reducing weld strength. These new Edgetek polycarbonate laser welding formulations include four grades that meet the critical requirements of transmission rate and accommodate suitable pigments and flame retardants that enhance laser absorption without compromising the mechanical performance of weld joints. This combination provides a strong, uniform weld along with aesthetic performance. These materials may also be customized to meet customer-specific applications and production needs across various markets.

“Compared with ultrasonic and vibration welding, plastic laser welding provides an array of benefits, such as unmatched production efficiency and consistent, high-quality results,” said Matt Mitchell, director of global marketing, Specialty Engineered Materials at Avient. “A perfect fit for laser welding technology, the new Edgetek materials give designers the exceptional flexibility to shape a part that offers maximum aesthetic and functional performance. The materials also offer an admirable sustainability benefit because they can be laser welded into the required final shape in one go, eliminating secondary process that consumes extra energy.”

Avient’s portfolio of laser weldable materials also includes multiple resin options based on polyamide 66 (PA66) and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). These materials are currently manufactured in Asia and are available globally. To help manufacturers make the most of its new materials, Avient can provide onsite technical support.

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