Smart Colorants™ Learn how to use both solid and liquid colorants effectively.
Materials For Medical Wearables + Digital Health Learn why the right materials matter for meeting growing demand
Boost vehicle interior appeal Balance sensory factors to grab consumer attention.
Navigate The Path To A Better Bottle Don’t forget the four paths to bottle optimization: economics, function, aesthetics, and environment.
Materials for Advanced Mobility Discover how materials are making the future of personal mobility possible.
Three Color Mistakes to Avoid Discover the top three pitfalls to avoid in order to maximize color in your operations.
Get the Paint Out! These components win by losing the paint and saying yes to molded-in color.
Automotive Color’s Role How can you use color to not only catch a buyer’s attention, but also their aspirations?
Fighting Fog in Food Packaging Additives can help provide a solution to unappealing fog and keep packages looking customer-friendly.
Explore Color & Design Learn how inspired color and design can engage the senses and emotions.
Mastering non-slip grips with color and flair GOBIE H2O gains market share with a comfortable non-slip grip and attractive aesthetics.
Achieving Color Harmony Read how we helped one electric carmaker shorten lead times and fine-tune color harmony in key molded interior parts.
Eliminate paint? No problem Masterbatch approach eliminates added cost, chemical volatility of painting.
VINYL ACHIEVES THE LOOK OF METAL One manufacturer saves $500,000 by replacing painted parts with metallic-look material.
non-halogen tpes in electrical junction boxes Non-halogen boxes deliver production efficiencies and increase sustainability.
RoHS Compliance Expands Markets Learn how Kalas expanded its offerings by reducing heavy metal in wire, cable.
SAVINGS AND APPEAL FOR AUTOMOTIVE INTERIOR Automaker delivers 'wow' factor and $500,000 in annual savings with new colorant plus additive.
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PolyOne and Clariant Masterbatch unite to form a new kind of materials company.

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