Color & Design

Engaging the senses and emotions

Color and shape define our world. Together, these elements can inform, engage, attract, and ultimately drive customers to say yes to new products.

It’s simple, right? Select the right color, put forth an aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing design, and the market will reward you with success. Except it’s not simple. Determining the “right” color, and a shape that will resonate with your customers, involves complexities ranging from the psychological to the practical. Can that design be manufactured with currently existing processes, and if so, can it be made efficiently? What colors and shapes will make an emotional connection with customers, yet set you apart from competitors?

We’ve worked with numerous customers who have grappled with these same questions, applying our dedicated design and color resources together with our materials and formulation expertise, to balance user experience with competitive differentiation and the practical concerns of manufacturing.

Design that inspires, excites and is informed by manufacturing sensibilities? Yes, it’s possible. Click here to learn more.

By many estimates, our sense of vision represents up to 80% of all human experience today. Designing products that appeal to this sense is crucial to marketplace reach. Click here to learn more.