CRTM™ Panels

Strong, lightweight, structural

CRTM™ (continuous resin transfer molding) panels are high quality composite sandwich panels with tailored, multi-axial fiber reinforcements, high-fiber volume contents and very low void content. These custom-engineered products are available with a wide variety of core materials, including end-grain balsa, foam or engineered woods. Laminate skin face-sheets are also available with continuous fiberglass and/or carbon fiber reinforced polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy or custom resins.

CRTM panels are specifically designed for applications needing a high stiffness-to-weight ratio. Panels are custom engineered to meet customer needs by varying core thicknesses to affect stiffness, core materials to affect weight, fiber to modify the stiffness-weight ratio, and resin material to affect strength.

While similar to pultrusion, the CRTM production method offers more consistent quality throughout the panel. This is possible because, unlike a pultrusion process where the resin is applied to the fiber before it enters the die, with CRTM the resin is injected directly into the die for better control of fiber alignment and resin kinetics. This process yields high performance, constant cross-section composite structures that offer superior quality and are more efficient than hand lay-up processes. And unlike typical wet bath pultrusion processes, Glasforms’ injection process effectively minimizes volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.) emissions.

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  • Reduced manufacturing costs due to manufacturing efficiency and superior lamination
  • Superior strength-to-weight ratio
  • Vibration damping and acoustic insulation
  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Reduced component complexity compared to metal
  • Unlimited continuous lengths with widths of up to 108 inches



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Panel Thickness (in) Areal Weight (lbs/sq ft)
0.54" 1.2
0.75" 1.4
2.24" 3.1