Community Service

Around the world, in more than 100 sales, manufacturing and regional offices, Avient and its employees are committed to being a positive presence in the communities in which we work and live. Charitable, civic and professional organizations that approach us for assistance find a shared commitment to community involvement held at every level of our organization. The majority of our corporate officers serve on non-profit boards, while scores of other Avient associates also volunteer their time to serve organizations in our communities around the globe.

United Way

Avient supports charities and community groups worldwide that are committed to making quality of life improvements for their communities, fostering sustainability, innovation and environmental stewardship. From blood drives to food drives, and from elementary classrooms to high school mentorship programs, Avient associates pitch in to help make where we live a better place.

Avient began our transformation into a specialty company, we also embarked on another important transformation – that of becoming a leader in our communities through our continuous and extensive cooperation with United Way. In North America, we are proud to have a long-standing relationship with United Way in more than 50 communities. Since 2006 we have raised and donated more than $12 million to United Way.

Community Service Team 

The Community Service Team at Avient shares one unified goal: to lead associates in actively contributing to the communities in which we operate. By pursuing volunteer opportunities that inspire and support the people around us, we simultaneously foster an internal culture of service, compassion and collaboration. In 2018, our associates collectively performed more than 2,300 hours of work in our communities. In addition, numerous leaders in our company serve on non-profit Boards of Trustees, helping them toward sustainability in their operations and mission to serve.