Uncovering Possibilities

Imagine the outcome if you could instill your next new product with design expertise that also takes material science and processing know-how into account? The possibiities are endless, and they’re bound to deliver better performance, easier manufacturing, and greater market share. At Avient, we’ve developed robust capabilities in all of thee areas, and we’ve applied them with countless customers to take their designs from good to great. We’ll help you discover your potential too.


IQ Design Labs

Our team of industrial designers and project engineers utilize a proprietary design process that enables you to get to market faster without unforeseen hurdles that cost you time and money.
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Additive Manufacturing

We’re working to find the ways in which 3D printing can take you to a new level of innovation. We use this technology today for concepts, prototypes, and prototype tooling in conjunction with our design resources to help you evaluate multiple iterations faster and optimize your manufacturing process as well as your product’s performance and aesthetics.
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Design and Analysis

Looking for help with part or tool designs? We can recommend changes based on Moldflow® analysis and our knowledge of best practices for thermoplastic part design, flow rates and gating.
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