Visual Standards

Logo Guidelines

Our logo is the most recognizable element of our brand. Always follow the guidelines provided to ensure consistent and correct usage. Please do not recreate these marks. Use only the acceptable art files.

Logo Elements

The Avient logo is made up of 3 key elements: Globe, Key Arrows and Wordmark.

Clear Space

To ensure visibility, there should be a zone of clear space around the Avient logo equal to or greater than the width of the N in the wordmark. Nothing should appear within the clear space.

Minimum Size

To ensure readability, the logo should never be reduced to a size smaller than 0.75 inches wide for print applications, and 96 pixels wide for digital applications.

What Not to Do

To build strong brand recognition, the logo should always be used consistently in the formats listed on the previous pages. Below we have highlighted some ways the logo should never be used.

Do not:

  1. Change the color of the key arrows
  2. Make the globe 1 color when using the full color logo
  3. Replace the wordmark with any other typography
  4. Adjust the size ratio of the globe around the wordmark
  5. Use the full color logo against backgrounds without enough contrast
  6. Use the logo on overly complex backgrounds


Avient Logo Artwork

The Avient is available in various formats to suit any use. Click here to access high resolution artwork.