Smoothing Screens

Many textile manufacturers are brushing their fibers to create a softer surface. The look and feel of the unprinted garment is soft and fuzzy but the brushed fibers are like printing on spokes. Common use of a smoothing screen to “iron-out” and lay down the fibers in the fabrics are used in many print shops today. There are auxiliary rollers you can add to printer heads of your automatic equipment, or you can create a smoothing screen.

Creating a Smoothing Screen

This step is done in the first station prior to printing. Use any screen that has been coated and exposed with no open area. No ink is applied to the fabric. Place Epic Finesse, Soft Hand Clear or base into the screen and print using moderate squeegee pressure. The result presses the fibers downward and creates a smoother surface, eliminating the need for an extra print stroke.