Simpli5: Understanding Performance Factors of Quality Ink

When you think about the ink you use on a regular basis, what is it about the ink that you like? Why do you choose it?

There are a multitude of reasons that printers express when answering that question. Many are very general, such as, “I like the look,” or, “I like the performance,” or very often, “I like the price.” Other times, printers are looking for a specific performance quality that works with a particular underlayment.

As an ink manufacturer, Avient develops inks based on “performance factors.” These factors can be used by a printer to easily evaluate and measure the overall quality and value of the product, and understand the true worth of the ink in real world environment.

When choosing an ink, consider the following five points of performance:

5 Points of Performance

1. Aesthetics: The final look and feel on the garment.
2. Regulatory/Compliance: Meets all regulatory and customers' raw material requirements.
3. Performance in the Bucket:  Stability, ease of mix, ease of storage.
4. Performance in the Press:  Production ease and speed
5. Performance on the  Garment: Wash requirements


Plus 2:

                                        printers should also consider                               

1. Technical Support: Is help readily available? 

2. Supply Chain: Is distribution and/or delivery reliable?