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Nylon Alternatives for Powersports applications Application Overview Overview, key characteristics and technical data on nylon alternatives for powersports applications View
LFT Basics - Understanding Long Fiber Thermoplastics Webinar Learn about long fiber technology and why it’s replacing metal. View
Cleaner Connector for Swimming Pool Case Study (Snapshot) OnForce™ Long Glass Fiber Nylon Composite provided a corrosion-resistant, long glass fiber-reinforced material for cleaner connector View
Step Linkage Automotive Aftermarket Part Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt™ LGF, moisture-resistant grade delivers improved performance and cost savings for aftermarket parts manufacturer View
Automotive Aftermarket Overview Application Overview Overview of the needs within automotive aftermarket and the long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) technologies to meet those needs View
Benefits of LFT White Paper Explore the unique capabilities of specialty long fiber reinforced composites View
Aerospace Seating Component Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt™ LCF PES formulation delivered lightweighting for an aerospace seat component through metal replacement (replacing aluminum) View
Wheelchair caster wheels Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt™ long carbon fiber (LCF) composites replaced aluminum to reduce weight and enable design freedom for a wheelchair OEM View
Hexagon Digimat Platform Case Study Collaboration with Hexagon and its Digimat Platform to enhance ability to accurately predict part performance View
Engineered Polymer Materials for EV Batteries Video Learn more about advanced polymer technologies that enhance EV battery design and performance to enable benefits such as extended vehicle range, lightweighting and sustainability. View
Seat Pan for Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt™ long glass fiber reinforced nylon composite consolidated multiple metal parts to streamline manufacturing and assembly of an ATV seat pan View
Automotive Aftermarket Motor Mount Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt™ 50% long glass fiber reinforced specialty PA66 thermoplastic replaces die-cast aluminum View
Complēt REC Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics (Chinese) Video Introducing Complēt REC long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) containing post consumer and post industrial recycled material (Chinese language version) View
Complēt™ MT Long Glass Fiber Blower Vacuum Case Study Complēt™ MT 40% Long Glass Fiber Impact Modified Formulation used to produce fans for lawn blowers and vacuums View
Complēt™ Fiber Long Reinforced Thermoplastics Fan Blade Color Card Complēt™ Fiber Long Reinforced Thermoplastics used in an axial fan blade for strength and lightweighting View
Complēt™ MT Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Piranha Propeller Case Study Complēt™ MT Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6 used in watercraft propeller blade View
Complēt™ Hybrid Moisture Resistant Watercraft Steering Column Case Study Complēt™ Hybrid Moisture Resistant Composite material used to consolidate parts in a personal watercraft steering column View
Complēt™ LFT Automotive Aftermarket Side Step Case Study Complēt™ Long Fiber Reinforced Structural Thermoplastics used in automotive aftermarket side step View
Metal Replacement with Long Fiber Thermoplastics Webinar Webinar Learn about the advantages long fiber reinforced thermoplastics in metal replacement applications in this on-demand webinar View
Complēt™ Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Video Stronger, tougher, and lighter. Learn about Complēt™ Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics View
Engineered Materials for EV Batteries Infographic Discover engineered polymers to advance battery design and performance View
Long Fiber Technologies Application Development Product/Service Overview Avient long fiber technologies application development center bulletin highlighting services including design support, material validation, simulation support, and in-house prototyping View
Advanced Simulation Capabilities for Structural Applications Video Learn more about enhanced modeling and design technology capabilities to more accurately predict long fiber reinforced thermoplastic performance in structural metal replacement applications View
Fan for Outdoor Blower and Vacuum Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt MT proved material performance success through extensive Mold Flow and FEA simulations to prove concept without prototyping and minimize development costs View
Automotive Aftermarket Side Step Case Study (Snapshot) Moisture-resistant Complēt™ long glass fiber reinforced formulation improves strength, design freedom, and finish View