At Avient, we improve lives all over the world by solving complex material science challenges. To do this, it takes thousands of people who possess diverse talents and a common goal: working together to create a better future. This spirit of inclusive collaboration can be felt throughout our businesses. It drives the innovation that earns us leadership positions in the markets we serve and colors the respect we show each other every day. From safety to training and education, community service to diversity and inclusion, our people are at the forefront of making a real difference.

Challenge Accepted

We nurture a can-do culture at Avient. This Challenge Accepted philosophy feeds everything we do and nourishes our success. When a customer presents us with a complicated material science challenge, we figure it out. When our teammates need help, we have their backs. When future generations depend on us to be responsible caretakers of our world, we answer their trust with proactive sustainability. And when our communities throughout the world face adversity, we roll up our sleeves and jump in with time, talent and treasure.

At Avient, we embrace challenges as opportunities for growth—as people and professionals. We don’t settle for the way things are, especially when we see a better way over the horizon. Each challenge we overcome and each new person that joins our team makes us stronger; better. We actively seek individuals of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences because, like people, no two challenges are alike. And at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.