Weathering the Storm with Advanced Composites

Reliability and resilience of electrical transmission & distribution components gets a boost with fiber-reinforced composites

Weathering the Storm

Fiber-reinforced polymer composites are prized for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, high stiffness, durability, and resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and environmental exposures. These versatile materials also give engineers and designers great freedom to create new applications.

Because of their inherent dielectric properties, glass fiber reinforced composites have long been used in electrical transmission and distribution applications such as insulators, arresters and other pole line hardware. More recently, traditional wood and metal utility poles and cross arms are increasingly being replaced by polymer composites, typically made with glass reinforcements and produced using pultrusion or filament winding. These materials are non-conductive and are more durable than wood or steel. Their light weight makes them easier to install in challenging areas, such as mountainous terrain, and during emergency situations such as extreme weather events and natural disasters.

By using composite materials for poles and other components, electrical utilities and telecom providers can:
•    Reduce the need for part maintenance and replacement
•    Simplify transportation to the job site and installation
•    Enhance product performance with resistance to corrosion, heat, weather and flame

To learn more about Avient’s Glasforms™ composite materials for power transmission and distribution products, visit the webpage or download this application guide.