Using TPEs for White or Light-Colored Phone Cases

4 Ways Blue Jean Stain Resistant TPEs Can Improve Phone Case Designs

Phone case brands would be thrilled to offer consumers what they’ve wanted for quite some time in phone case design: white and light-colored cases that stay looking new longer. The problem? These light colors tend to stain when they come into contact with blue jeans. Until now, finding a material to do the job, other than liquid silicone rubber, has been impossible. And using silicone presents its own set of challenges to phone case brands including mold flashing, longer lead times, and supply chain issues.  

Blue jean stain resistant TPEs can now provide an alternative solution to silicone when designing white or light-colored cases. With blue jean stain resistant TPEs, designers will enjoy:

  1. Extra colors for your phone case designs
    White and light-colored TPE phone cases can be added to your color palette. Using a blue jean stain resistant TPE will help expand your color options, offering consumers products that are both on trend and long lasting.
  2. More design options
    TPEs have excellent overmold adhesion to common polycarbonate substrates, opening up the opportunity to add interesting features that you may not be able to achieve with silicone.
  3. Designs that come to life faster
    Get your white or light-colored phone case designs into the hands of consumers faster. With a TPE, you won’t have to contend with more complicated silicone tooling, or the extra mixing, post curing, and deflashing steps that liquid silicone rubber requires.
  4. Designs at a reduced overall cost
    Who doesn’t want to show the boss that a new material can save their company money? Blue jean stain-resistant TPEs have lower manufacturing and total part costs compared to silicone.


For more information on blue jean stain resistant TPEs, download the application bulletin. Also, request a sample plaque and test the stain resistance for yourself!