Reinforcing a Stronger Infrastructure

Thermoplastic composites enable advancements in oil and gas pipe through corrosion resistance, reduced weight, and flexible reinforcement.

Reinforcing a Stronger Infrastructure

The Challenge  

It is estimated that 60% of oil and gas pipelines in North America are more than 20 years old*. As this existing steel pipeline infrastructure ages, the need for repair or replacement to prevent failures from corrosion increases; 80% of inspection costs are spent on monitoring corrosion of steel pipes.* To improve longevity in these critical components, the industry is shifting to alternatives such as spoolable reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP). RTP offers many benefits over steel throughout its lifespan starting with a 20% cost savings during the installation process due to reduced time and labor.* It requires less maintenance and monitoring while also providing improved flow characteristics over rigid steel pipe.  

However, the pipe must meet demanding requirements including temperatures up to 150 ̊F and pressures to 1500 psi, as well as specific burst strength targets, while remaining flexible and lightweight. To meet these needs, pipe manufacturers bring in reinforcements: Avient’s thermoplastic composites.  

The Solution  

Polystrand™ Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites provide a reinforcing layer within the high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe wall through thermal wrapping that is integrated into the pipe manufacturing processes. Unidirectional composite tapes are customizable in thickness and width to meet specific performance and process requirements.  

The Impact  

The corrosion resistance improvements provided by Polystrand-reinforced pipe offer significant savings in monitoring, inspection, and maintenance costs compared to traditional steel. And shipping and installation are simplified by an 80% weight reduction vs. steel and the flexibility to be spooled onto reels. To learn more about Polystrand unidirectional composite tapes, download the product selection guide and watch the video.      

*Source: Stratview Research