Polyketone, a Next-Generation Sustainable Nylon Alternative

Explore the benefits of polyketone

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In the current industrial landscape, fluctuations in nylon supply and the increasing demand for sustainability commitments and materials highlight the growing need for viable alternatives. Aliphatic polyketone, often called just polyketone or PK, is a semi-crystalline engineering resin. It has good tensile, thermal, flex, and impact properties like nylon (PA) while maintaining some of the same characteristics as acetal (POM), such as excellent wear, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability.   

In this webinar, our technical experts unpack how PK can reduce carbon emissions, deliver exceptional performance, and help overcome concerns or challenges. The content provides insights on:

  • Polyketone material characteristics and benefits
  • How PKs compare to nylons
  • Sustainability value of eco-friendly resins compared to other engineered resins
  • Overcoming common concerns and challenges when considering PK
  • Potential uses and applications  

Watch our free on-demand webinar to learn more about market dynamics, as well as the chemical resistance and eco-conscious benefits of this semi-crystalline engineering resin.
Polyketone, a next-generation sustainable nylon alternative

Watch this webinar to learn more about the benefits and performance of this next-generation nylon alternative.

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A Guide to Polyketone - Overview Brochure

Take a comprehensive look at the performance and sustainability benefits of this next-gen material solution.

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