No Gambling on a Successful Molded-In Color Transition

Discover our novel design and engineering approach enabling superior prediction of molded-in color aesthetics

MIC Autodesk Webinar Idea Center Article

Interested in reaping the benefits of converting a painted part to a molded-in color (MIC) part?

What is MIC? MIC efficiently applies attractive and durable colors and effects in the plastic injection molding process. It eliminates the need to paint and improves bottom line, while also increasing sustainability.

If you are a manufacturer who is interested in the applicability of a MIC strategy or has felt challenged with predicting and understanding your final part aesthetic, this webinar is for you.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about an innovative methodology that Avient Design industrial designers and engineers developed to improve insights into final part MIC aesthetics. Their mastery of materials, design and process has uniquely equipped them to solve this problem. 

View the video below to learn about:
•    Our prediction method that couples mold filling software and rendering software to help identify potential MIC part defects
•    How the perception of defects can change with the environment it’s viewed in
•    A real-world case study of an automotive trim part where our prediction method was used to understand how the injection strategy and part texture contributed to highlighting, eliminating or masking defects   

This webinar was done in partnership with Autodesk, producers of Moldflow®*, for their Advanced Manufacturing Summit 2020.

*Moldflow® is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc.