New Life for Aging Pipe

Learn how a pipe liner helped a major equipment manufacturer and customer extend the longevity of a piping system and reduce exposure to unsafe chemicals.


The Challenge

Aging subterraneous water piping systems can create an increased risk for a variety of issues, from exposure to harmful substances to spontaneous breaks. In many situations when these situations arise, interrupting service to dig and repair miles of pipe is necessary, but in this case, because of the complex piping systems, it is not an option. As a result, one major equipment manufacturer and customer opted to employ a novel repair method. However, the customer needed a liner material that would be able to fill existing pipe interiors.

The Solution

The customer chose to use a Fiber-Line™ custom fiber formulation by Avient to produce a pipe liner. The resulting material was a seamless integration of over 1,000 meters of woven composite fabric reinforcement, providing a combination of flexibility and strength.  

The Impact

The liner effectively extended the useful life of the piping systems and reduced exposure to unsafe chemicals. The length of the liner, coupled with installation speeds of up to 600 meters per hour, enabled a fast repair time. Plus, using a pipe liner strategy itself resulted in a significant CO2 reduction compared to the potential impact of a new lay process.   

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