Metal Replacement

Move over, metal...

From automotive to marine, from consumer to healthcare, no matter which industry you’re involved in, if you manufacture products, you share similar goals with other producers. You want to maintain the high quality of your products while also reducing the cost of making them. You’re focused on improving the sustainability of your processes and products. And staying ahead of the competition? That’s a huge priority, so you rely on new designs to engage your end consumer. Replacing metal with engineered thermoplastics, vinyl and specialty polymer sheet can help you reach these goals.        

So why consider plastics in lieu of metal? Here are some of the primary benefits when compared to metal:


System Optimization

  • Light weighting
  • Improved product performance

Design freedom

  • Part integration
  • Complex design
  • Visual differentiation

Regulatory Compliance

  • RoHS
  • Drinking water
  • CO2 emissions

Production Improvements

  • Shorter processing cycle
  • Scrap rate reduction
  • Reduction in secondary processing

Cost Savings

  • Easier handling
  • Lower shipping costs

As your customers demand increasing performance, Avient continues to innovate and develop polymer technology that lets you rise to the challenge. These materials resist temperature and corrosion in ways that metal cannot always match. We can also fine-tune a custom solution to match your exact application without the risk of over engineering.


To learn more about your best metal replacement options, contact an expert at Avient today.