Medical Wearables: The New Frontier of Healthcare

Listen in as we discuss a popular topic – medical wearables

Medical Wearables

Telehealth, remote patient monitoring, accelerated clinical trials and self-administration are new staples of the healthcare system. In this modern era, medical wearables are critical. Optimally designed medical wearable devices can better aid patients and physicians as they seek tools and strategies to promote better health outcomes.    

Listen in on a candid conversation between an Avient commercial leader and an industrial designer as they discuss:  

  • The current state of healthcare
  • How medical wearables are defined  
  • What design elements manufacturers should consider, including ergonomics and performance 

For more information on Avient’s in-house design capabilities, click here. To better understand solutions for medical wearables – including what medical-grade polymers, colorants and additives may work for your device, contact us here.
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