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Explore the critical performance advantages of composite sandwich panels

Sandwich Panel

Composite panels can be designed for specific strength, stiffness and weight requirements – learn more in this webinar

Historically, plywood and other materials have been used as structural panels across a variety of industries. However, as sustainability initiatives grow and designs become increasingly complex, new material alternatives are needed. Composite sandwich panels offer a unique solution that can bridge the gap between weight, performance, and design flexibility. 

Unlike wood, sheetrock, or metal, composite sandwich panel construction can be designed to maximize performance and minimize weight. They are custom engineered to meet specific performance requirements: core thickness can be varied to change stiffness, core materials can be selected to achieve weight targets, fiber choice can modify stiffness-to-weight ratio, and the polymer matrix choice affects strength.

This webinar will focus on the design, manufacturing, and testing of composite sandwich panels as well as data, predictive tools, and general recommendations for stakeholders working with or transitioning to composite sandwich panels across various industries and applications.

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Design Guide: Composite Sandwich Panels

Your comprehensive resource for material selection and design considerations of composite sandwich panels.

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