Gain a Colorful Insight into the Ski Boot Market

Discover how a bespoke ColorWorks™ color-finding project helped gain the competitive edge in the ski boot market.

Ski Boot Market

A supplier of plastic compounds now has an invaluable competitive edge in one of its primary markets, thanks to an in-depth research and color-finding project recently completed in partnership with Avient ColorWorks™.

TPE manufacturer Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri is extremely active in the ski-boot market. After taking part in a customer-day event at the Avient ColorWorks design and technology center in Milan, company founder Francesco Franceschetti was inspired and suggested a collaboration to conduct an exhaustive study of the Italian ski boot marketplace and the colors boot makers use in their products.

The outcome of this unique project would be a comprehensive report and guide, including five colors proposed for the 2021 – 2022 ski season following visits to dealers, boutique shops, and chain stores. Detailed conversations with the shops’ boot experts helped the researchers develop a thorough understanding of the needs of the different types of skiers, from the top-level experts to more accomplished (prepared) customers and finally the so called ‘Sunday skier.’

Based on the research undertaken, different mood boards were created to define three target personalities; ‘Gnarly Bomber - an edgy personality, radical and built for speed. ‘Beyond’ - a more urban character leaning toward tactical-inspired streetwear with lots of texture. ‘Fluid.’ –versatile and unisex, inspired by active wear and technology.

Each mood board featured lifestyle photos and colors to capture the spirit of the three target personalities. Five colors were presented and each was named for a well-known ski resort. Ski boot manufacturers work almost two years ahead, so the colors were developed to provide guidance for the 2021 – 2022 ski season.