Four Ways to Intensify the Off Road Consumer Experience

Consumers seek out the “cool factor” in off road vehicles. Give them innovation that gets noticed with new options in performance, durability, and aesthetics.


Thrill seekers expect performance and durability from their off-road vehicles. But guess what? They also crave cool design.

From hunters and fishing enthusiasts to farmers, backwoods campers, and UTV riders, your customers depend on you for designs that take them where they want to be.

Did you know that the right combination of materials can help you differentiate and get your designs into the hands of consumers at warp speed? It’s true. They can help boost impact resistance, amp up aesthetics, inject comfort, or even revolutionize a standard design with your latest game-changing idea.

For enthusiasts, the ride out to the edge is a vital part of the overall outdoor experience. Your top priority is to help get them there quickly, safely and comfortably. And attract their attention with new designs and features. Here are 4 ways you can use polymers to take your designs to the next level:

Enhance the sensory experience for a more comfortable ride:

  • Vibration damping TPE materials absorb shock and the effects of a rough ride
  • Soft-touch TPE materials improve the tactile experience and add comfortable grips

Boost durability for a vehicle that will stand up to the roughest rides:

Add strength and structural integrity for a safer vehicle:

  • Filled and reinforced composite materials offer lighter weight, equal strength options versus metal
  • These advanced polymers offer a high stiffness-to-weight ratio and can replace dense metals that add vehicle weight

Amp up aesthetics for bold consumer appeal:

  • Custom polymer colorants, patterns and hydrographic films make it easy to capture the eye
  • Enhance performance with additives that enable appearance parts to resist scratching and marring, UV light, and even static

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