Advanced Composites For Ballistic Protection

Continuous fiber composites add safety and security to the world we live in

Once reserved for military applications, the addition of blast protection and ballistic resistance is becoming increasingly commonplace in the building and construction of everyday structures and facilities. Continuous fiber reinforced composites can be incorporated into traditional building materials and processes to add a new level of security.

Where is ballistic protection needed?

Ballistic resistant materials can be used to add reinforcement to doors, walls, and portable structures in government buildings, banks, retail storefronts, schools, safe rooms, testing facilities, firing ranges, storm shelters, and utility substations.

What materials have traditionally been used for ballistic protection?

Steel, precast and shock-absorbing concrete, ceramic matrix composites, and fiber-cement composites are all commonly used materials for blast and ballistic resistance.

How do advanced composites improve ballistic protection?

Advanced composite ballistic panels offer a number of benefits over traditional materials:

  • Light weight.  Up to 75% lighter than comparable steel panels and installed with common carpentry tools, composites can be easily incorporated into standard building design and enable more portable structures.
  • Corrosion resistant.  Composites will not corrode or rust, making them more durable than other materials, both indoors and out.
  • Electrically non-conductive. Fiberglass thermoset composites are inherently non-conductive to prevent arcing in electrically charged environments, such as utility substations.
  • Low ricochet for bullet retention. Composite materials can absorb and retain projectiles to avoid potentially hazardous ricochet.

For more information on ballistic resistant composite panels, download the product selection and installation guide.


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