Do you want to contact Avient's Global Business Services in their Shared Service Centers? This page provides convenient access to current telephone numbers, email addresses, locations, etc. for the services provided by them.

Please always refer to the country to which you are doing business with; e.g. if you are a vendor from Mexico providing supplies/services to Avient USA, please refer to the US contact information for support. Whereas if the same vendor is also providing supplies/services to Avient Mexico, please refer to the Mexican contact information for those cases.


Note: The contact information provided does only apply to the Legacy Clariant Color business. For all requests linked to Avient Distribution, Special Engineered Materials (SEM) or legacy PolyOne Color please reach out to your existing Avient contact. GBS will NOT be able to support these requests.

Country Company Name & Address Responsible Shared Service Center Phone (Accounts Payable) Phone (Procurements Operations) Accounts Payable Email Procurement Operations Email Electronic Invoice Email
South Africa Avient South Africa (Pty) Ltd. 329 Tungsten Road Strydompark, Gauteng 2194, South Africa Avient Corporation GBS- SSC-IN A-06, Renaissance Industrial & Warehousing Complex Village Vashere Amane B.O Padgha-Kalyan Toll Road, Tehsil Bhiwandi Thane 421302, INDIA ZA97