Plastics are among the most useful and impactful materials on earth. From the simple feel of a toothbrush, to the protective casing on an X-ray machine, plastics play a crucial role in our daily lives. They make possible our modes of transportation, healthcare devices, food availability, and electronics that power the world. Plastics help us move faster, work smarter, feel better and have more fun. Plastics have brought critical sanitary, safety, health preservation and infrastructure benefits to the world, especially in developing regions, helping to improve living standards, hygiene and nutrition.

While the value of plastics is undeniable, we fully recognize that plastics and other materials are ending up in places they should not—like our waterways and oceans. The solution to the waste problem will require investment, action and accountability among all stakeholders, including manufacturers, communities, NGOs and individual consumers. As part of our engagement, Avient is a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), which is a consortium of nearly 30 companies that have pledged $1.5B to help clean up plastic waste. We took a leadership position with AEPW because we believe that together, our world can bring about meaningful solutions to this complex waste problem, through education, infrastructure, engagement and innovation.

Innovation is the lifeblood of any specialty company.  At Avient, our proven ability to innovate materials that enable our customers’ sustainability goals remains a key differentiator for our company. And sustainability is an integral part of our innovation strategy.

Avient offers a broad portfolio of technologies that help our customers—and our planet—be more sustainable. Through our design expertise and material science, we can make a positive impact in applications in nearly every end market. We have defined our Sustainability Portfolio in the eight ways we help our customers meet their innovation and sustainability goals. From lightweighting to renewable energy applications to improved recyclability, Avient has a robust portfolio of sustainable solutions.