Wilflex™ Epic Special Applications

Inks for all sorts of unique designs.

Wilflex™ Special Applications are designed to allow for different and unique concepts to be incorporated into your designs. These inks can help you turn your inspirations into reality, including inks that are reflective or glow in the dark.

Protect your products with Superguard HT, or select ink formulations that are flock adhesive and foil resistant. Let your inspiration dictate what you do with these versatile inks.

special applications
Product Name Description
Epic Luna Clear Print a secret message only visible under Blacklights!
Epic SuperGuard HT An overprint clear used to improve fibrillation in the wash cycle
EC Foil Resist Additive Add to your plastisol ink to resist the adhesion of foil
Epic Flock Adhesive Base Specially formulated non-phthalate base used to adhere flock fibers onto textile surfaces
Epic Imagebrite Reflective Reflective inks with different tinting choices
Epic Phosphorescent Glow in the dark ink, light green/yellow tint
Epic Kosmic Glo High Intensity Glow in the Dark with longer duration