Wilflex™ Epic Ink Additives

Modify ink viscosities, printability, adhesive effects and overall look and feel of products.

Wilflex™ Epic Ink Additives are designed to modify product performance to meet your specific job requirements and assist your creative efforts. Our additives can transform ink viscosities, improve printability, enable three-dimensional effects, improve adhesion, increase stretchability and change overall look and feel.        

Additives for Non-Phthalate Plastisol Inks
Product Name Type Description
Epic Curable Reducer Reducer Lowers the viscosity of Epic inks without adversely affecting cure properties
Epic Viscosity Buster Viscosity Modifier Modifies the flow and printing characteristics of Epic Inks
Epic Foil Resist Additive Special Use Prevents foil from adhering to plastisol inks
Epic Finesse Extender Softens and extends general purpose and specialty inks
Epic Flexipuff Additive Special Use Mix with inks to give a raised or elevated effect
Epic High Density Additive Special Use Designed to achieve a three-dimensional print
Epic Dulling Paste Special Use Reduces ink gloss
Epic Flash Additive Special Use Lowers flash temperature of inks
Epic Thickener 2 Viscosity Modifier Powder additive used to increase viscosity and body for improved opacity and high density printing
Epic Thickener 3 Viscosity Modifier High concentrated liquid thickener to increase viscosity and body
Epic Soft Hand Additive Softener Softens the hand and slightly lowers viscosity
Epic Emboss Additive Special Use Used to create an embossing effect. Benefits include matte finish, opacity booster, and improvement in after-flash tack
Epic Hugger Catalyst Special Use Improves adhesion when printing on waterproof nylon materials
Epic Extender Base Extender Extends ink volume, adding translucency to the mix