Wilflex™ Epic Color System PC Specialty

Colorants, particles and powders available in different sizes and color values.

Our specialty particles and powders can be used functionally, as well as being used to provide extra sparkle for a design.

For applications when pigment migration is a concern, the PC Specialty Color System features non-migrating pigments. Pigment migration occurs when certain pigments show solubility in the plasticizer, resulting in contact bleed or staining onto another material. 

PC Specialty also includes polyester flakes and fluorescent and metallic pigments to give added shine and brightness to fit your creative needs. 

Epic Pigment Concentrates (PCs)
Epic Yellow PCNM Non migrating, yellow shade red dispersion
Epic Red PCNM Non migrating, yellow shade red dispersion
Epic Blaze Gold PC Red Shade yellow dispersion with medium opacity, used to make opaque golds
Epic Clear PC Thickened reducer used to balance plasticizer-resin level without reducing viscosity
Epic Red PC Warm blue shade red, very clean.
Epic Bright Blue PC Very strong, red-shade blue dispersion. Excellent for making intense or opaque royal or red-shade navy.
Epic Electron Green PC Bright, transparent fluourescent green
Epic Electron Orange PC Bright yellow-orange fluorescent dispersion with slight red undertone. Use to brighten up reds and orange shades.
Epic Fluorescent Neon PC Bright, transparent fluorescent orange-red dispersion. Used ot brighten up reds and orange shades
Epic Fluorescent Magenta PC Bright, transparent, fluorescent magenta with strong blue undertone. Useful in brightening magenta shades

Powders and Particles
Product Name Attributes
EPIC CRYSTAL CLEAR HEX Clear polyester flake, resembling "sugar"
EPIC INT YELLOW SPARKLE Iridescent glitter creating rainbow of reflections
EPIC PALE GOLD Small, light gold polyester flake
EPIC DARK GOLD Dark Gold with slight red undertone metallic powder
EPIC SILVER Bright silver powder used in Silver Shimmer
EPIC SHIMMER SILVER Silver polyester flake used in Silver Glitter
EPIC SILVER GLITTER Large silver polyester flake used in Silver Glitter
EPIC GOLD GLITTER Large gold polyester flake used in Gold Glitter
EPIC EXCITE YELLOW Phosphorescent powder used to make glow in the dark inks
EPIC SHINING GOLD Dark gold polyester flake used in Gold Glitter
EPIC KOSMIC GLO POWDER Phosphorescent powder with Extended afterglow
EPIC FIRE RED GLITTER Bright red polyester flake