Pharmaceutical Packaging

MEVOPUR™ LQ for Transparent Pharmaceutical Packaging

Prevents Degradation

Our MEVOPUR™ product range consists of color and functional additive concentrates and compounds that modify polymers while enhancing and protecting medical devices and transparent pharmaceutical packaging.

Excellent Color Consistency, Even With Concentrated Pigment Loadings

MEVOPUR™ LQ advanced liquid color and additive concentrates offer new options for transparent pharmaceutical packaging. They are based on the same USP/ISO pre-tested ingredients as MEVOPUR™ solid concentrates, but are dispersed into a pre-tested compatible liquid carrier system in order to gain the advantages and expertise of HiFormer™ technology.

  • Liquid carriers ease concentrate dispersion in host polymer allowing higher loadings of pigments or additives to be used
  • MEVOPUR™ LQ uses specific liquid carriers that are designed for each polymer type
  • In opaque applications, liquid colors shorten change-over times, improving productivity
  • Avient can provide dosing systems that can be easily integrated into your production process

MEVOPUR™ LQ Liquid Color and Additive Concentrates

Colors such as yellow, amber and red are often used in transparent packaging to protect pharmaceutical products from degradation by filtering light of specific wavelengths. Our LVT liquid technology offers advantages in transparent or translucent polymers like PET. These MEVOPUR™ LQ masterbatches, along with future products targeted at pharmaceutical packaging, offer regulatory declarations to US Pharmacopeia (USP) chapters <661.1> <87>, <88> and the relevant European Pharmacopeia 3.1 monograph e.g. 3.1.15 for polyester-based packaging.

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  • Advanced formulation developed to meet requirements for light transmission <10% at any wavelength between 290 to 450 nm
  • Excellent color consistency with concentrated pigment loadings, enabling dosing as low as 0.5%
  • Specific carrier systems designed for high compatibility with PET and pre-evaluated pigments help reduce risk of extractables
  • Product production under ISO13485 GMP quality system with change control management



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