Example Products and Sustainable Outcomes


Category Outcome Avient Product Example


Enables the production of parts that are lighter in weight than parts made from "traditional" materials, while still providing comparable strength, stiffness and performance.

Reduces the amount of material needed to make a part or package without sacrificing mechanical and performance needs.

HydrocerolTM Chemical Foaming Agents

EdgetekTM LD Density Modified Formulations

ComplētTM & OnforceTM Long Fibe Reinforced Thermoplastics

ColorMatrixTM Amosorb Oxygen Scavenger For PET

Sustainable Infrastructure

Solutions that help to protect the environment and promote long term sustainability (e.g., renewable energy & 5G applications)

Fiber-LineTM Twisted Kevlar® Fibers for Pipe Rehabilitation

ECCOHTM Low Smoke and Fume Non-Halogen Formulations

SmartbatchTM Color & Additive Concentrates

Reduced Energy Use

Reduces energy consumption (e.g., reduces re-heat energy requirements, enables faster cycle times).

OnCapTM CTR Process Optimization Additives

ColorMatrixTM JouleTM & SmartheatTM Infrared Absorber

ArtisanTM Pre-Colored Thermoplastics for Paint Replacement

HIFORMERTM Liquid Masterbatches

Volatile Organic Compound Reduction

Allows for the replacement of components or systems that emit VOC's.

OnFlexTM LO Low VOC/ Fog Thermoplastic Elastomers

OnColorTM FX Special Effect Colorants

Human Health & Safety

Solutions that directly protect and preserve human health (e.g., Hygiene & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medical devices)

MevopurTM Polyolefin-based Formulations and Masterbatches

VersaflexTM HC Thermoplastic Elastomers

Recycle Solutions

Contains Recycle Content: Incorporates post-consumer or post-industrial recycle content.

Enhances recyclability: Improves the ability of materials to be recycled (e.g., improved properties, color, etc.).

ColorMatrixTM AAzureTM PET Process Aid with Acetaldehyde Control Technology

CESATM IR Sortable Black for Recyclable Packaging

NymaxTM PIR Post-Industrial Recycled Nylon Formulations


Based in whole or in part on bio-polymer resources, or enable bio-based materials to perform at a level comparable to conventional polymers.

Non-toxic and heavy-metal-free ingredients and biodegradable carrier resins.

OnColorTM Naturals—Colorants for Recyclable Packaging

reSoundTM OM Thermoplastic Elastomers

OnColorTM BIO Concentrates with OK Compost Certification


Offers alternatives to traditional materials such as lead, bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, halogens or thermoset rubbers.

ZodiacTM AquariusTM Water Based Screen Printing Inks

VersaflexTM HC Thermoplastic Elastomers