Logo Guidelines

The PolyOne logo is the most important brand asset of PolyOne. The logo is a brand mark—not a word. Do not use the PolyOne logo as a word in any circumstance.

White Space
The PolyOne logo should always be separated from other content with sufficient white space surrounding the logo. The amount of white space should correspond with the height of the “o” in PolyOne.

When aligning the logo to text or graphical elements align them with the bottom left edge of the “P”, not the left edge of the swoosh.

Minimum Size
The PolyOne logo should not be smaller than 1" across in any print application.

Do not:

  1. Distort the proportions
  2. Attempt to recreate the brand mark
  3. Mimic the colors of the brand mark when typing the company name
  4. Use the brand mark as a word
  5. Unnecessarily embellish the brand mark
  6. Use the brand mark in low resolution
  7. Use the brand mark in close proximity to another brand mark
  8. Outline the brand mark
  9. Confine the brand mark to a shape
  10. Pair the brand mark with BU name
  11. Use the PolyOne logo more than once on any collateral surface

Visual Standards Gallery

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