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TPEs如何帮助医疗和制药厂商满足不断增长的全球需求-白皮书 白皮书 This whitepaper details how TPEs can be used to meet global demand for healthcare devices and apparatus 视图
先进电子系统中的电磁干扰/射频干扰屏蔽配方 - 白皮书 白皮书 Polymer formulations which exceed the shielding requirements of today's demanding electrical and electronic systems 视图
如何改善用于紫外线敏感饮料的 PET 包装 - 白皮书 白皮书 Enhance content protection without compromising design flexibility, production efficiency or recyclability 视图
采用热塑性弹性体设计消费品 - 白皮书 白皮书 How TPEs provide sensory enhancement in surface feel and texture 视图
高性能清晰热塑性弹性体 - 白皮书 白皮书 Development and application of SBC compounds to offer good economics and formulation flexibility meeting the end use performance requirements 视图
White Paper: Material Selection for Four Healthcare Environments 白皮书 Find out which materials make sense for your products, no matter where they’re used 视图
医疗设备的下一代 TPE 技术-白皮书 白皮书 Medical challenges, TPEs for barrier technologies, soft and clear temperature-resistant TPEs and overmolding 视图
用于二次成型器材的新型热塑性弹性体 - 白皮书 白皮书 Adhesion mechanisms and novel TPE developments for overmolding 视图
适用于异种热塑性塑料的通用二次成型的新型热塑性弹性体 - 白皮书 白皮书 Material used, injection molding of plaques, physical properties, adhesion, rheology and results 视图
具有通用粘合特性的新型热塑性弹性体 - 白皮书 白皮书 Introduction to TPEs that universally bond to non-polar substrates such as polypropylene 视图
食品包装的防雾 - 白皮书(中文) 白皮书 Reasons for the occurrence of fog in food packaging and how to prevent it (Chinese language version) 视图
为制造消费品差异化对热塑弹性体二次成型的工程方案 - 白皮书 白皮书 This paper covers general aspects of overmolding technology and TPEs as a class of materials that offer engineered solutions for this evergreen trend. 视图
医疗器械中的热塑性弹性体 - 白皮书 白皮书 Safety factors, barrier properties and applications of TPEs in medical devices 视图
OnCap 光屏蔽保护 - 白皮书(中文) 白皮书 Information on application and use of light shield additives to protect products from light damage (Chinese language version) 视图
工程热塑性塑料的TPE二次成型解决方案 - 白皮书 白皮书 The focus for this study was to develop thermoplastic elastomer compounds that would overmold onto substrates made from Nylon (PA), Polycarbonate (PC), Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), and PC/ABS alloys 视图
具有改良屏蔽性能的TPEs - 白皮书 白皮书 Recent developments of medium barrier, high barrier and super high barrier TPEs and their applications in food and medical packaging 视图
有什么不同?尼龙 6 与尼龙 66-电子书 电子书 Whether you're looking to learn more about the history, performance or processability of the two most popular forms of nylon, PolyOne has you covered 视图
通用的聚酰胺二次注塑热塑性弹性体 - 白皮书 白皮书 Background of old nylon overmolding compared to new polyamide technology 视图
CPSIA 问与答-白皮书 白皮书 Guidance on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) for small businesses, resellers, crafters and charities 视图
防伪 - 品牌拥有者需要知道什么 - 白皮书 白皮书 Counterfeiting is a serious and fast growing problem in business, but in this white paper, PolyOne outlines the detriments of counterfeiting, and what you can do to combat this phenomenon 视图
Fog Prevention in Food Packaging - White Paper 白皮书 Reasons for the occurrence of fog in food packaging and how to prevent it (English language version) 视图
Whitepaper: Composite Overmolding Part Optimization 白皮书 Optimizing Part Design with Thermoplastic Composite Injection Overmolding: How localized reinforcement can reduce weight and improve performance 视图
Smart Materials™ Fluoropolymers - eBook 电子书 Learn more about the history, performance or processability of Fluoropolymers 视图
Sustainable Solutions Portfolio 2020 白皮书与电子书 An innovator's handbook on sustainable solutions 视图
Consumer Electronics November 2020 电子书 A look at six tech segments poised for growth, and actionable ideas to boost product performance 视图