Aquarius™ Special Effects

Bring Prints to Life

Zodiac™ Aquarius™ special effects are ready-to-use effect inks designed to enhance and differentiate printed designs. The special effect range includes reflective, pearlescent, and metallic, brittle, suede and more. Used in combination with Aquarius™ standard water-based inks to breathe life into print designs.


  • Extensive range of effects available
  • Meets all compliance requirement
  • Ready to use
  • Compatible with other Aquarius™ products

Product Highlights

Main Application

Use with Aquarius™ water-based pigments

Print & Cure Details

Consult product information brochure for print & cure details


Color Card

Download our color card to learn more about the product range and colors available.

Color Management: IMS3.0

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Compliance & Regulatory

Learn more about our regulatory compliance commitments by reviewing our guidelines and policies.

Product Name Description
Aquarius™ Suede Soft-hand suede effect that can be pigmented up to 6% with Aquarius™ pigments
Aquarius™ Puff Puff effect for raised, textured prints that can be printed up to 6% with Aquarius pigments
Aquarius™ Foil Binder Thermoplastic foil adhesive for soft-hand, high shine foil effects
Aquarius™ Foil Resist Print on top of high solids to prevent foil adhering in unwanted areas
Aquarius™ High Density White and clear bases used to produce high-density effects when printed through high-build emulsion
Aquarius™ Soft Density White and clear bases used to produce soft textured effects when printed through high-build emulsion
Aquarius™ Reflective Range Black, silver and clear ready-to-use reflective inks
Aquarius™ Pearl Range Gold, silver and a neutral pearl ready-to-use base that can be colored with up to 6% Aquarius™ pigments
Aquarius™ Pearl CC Range Color change pearlescent effect range
Aquarius™ Glitter Range Glitter base for use with up to 15% glitter particle and a ready-to-use yellow shimmer
Aquarius™ Metallic Range High shine, ready-to-use metallic silver and gold effect inks
Aquarius™ Gloss Clear, glossy ink that can be colored with up to 6% Aquarius pigments or used as an over-print ink for high shine effects
Aquarius™ High Stretch White and clear stretch bases for use on high elastane content fabrics
Aquarius™ Glow Ready-to-use glow-in-the-dark inks
Aquarius™ Brittle Base For pull-to-crack effects that can be colored with up to 6% Aquarius™ pigments
Aquarius™ Self-Crack Base and top coat inks that can be printed in combination with colors to produce a mud-crack effect
名称 类别 描述  
Aquarius™ Brittle Base 宣传册和产品信息 视图
Aquarius™ Foilbinder 宣传册和产品信息 视图
Aquarius™ Glitter Binder 宣传册和产品信息 视图
Aquarius™ Metallics 宣传册和产品信息 视图
Aquarius™ Pearlescent 宣传册和产品信息 视图
Aquarius™ Puff Base 宣传册和产品信息 视图
Aquarius™ Reflective Clear 宣传册和产品信息 视图
Aquarius™ Soft Density 宣传册和产品信息 Aquarius™ Soft Density is designed to produce raised textured effects 视图
Aquarius™ Suede Base 宣传册和产品信息 视图
Zodiac Aquarius Special Effects - Brochure 宣传册和产品信息 Zodiac™ Aquarius™ special effects add dazzling dimension to flat designs.  视图
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