Wilflex™ One White Inks

We’ve made choosing the correct white ink easy for you with Wilflex One. The Wilflex One Cotton White and Low Bleed White are both easy to print and can be used as a first down, stand alone or hi-light white. Both inks offer the same quality print and allow you to make your choice depending on the fabric being used. The whites quickly stack in few strokes while keeping sharp line details, perfect for high production printing. Opacity, optical brightness and premium feel are standard with Wilflex One white inks.      

  • Choose Wilflex One Cotton White for 100% cotton fabrics  
  • Choose Wilflex One Low Bleed White for cotton/polyester blends where moderate bleed resistance is required
  • Choose Wilflex One Cotton White or Low Bleed White for 100% polyester in combination with Wilflex One Underbase Gray


Wilflex One White Inks
Product Name Fabric Type Description
Wilflex One Cotton White 100% Cotton Premium white for opacity and optical brightness
Wilflex One Low Bleed White 100% Polyester, Cotton/Polyester Blends Premium white for moderate bleeding blends
名称 类别 描述  
Wilflex™ One LB白 - 产品公告 产品公告 Non-PVC, non-phthalate premium plastisol white ink for applications on polyester and cotton/polyester blends 视图
Wilflex™ One 棉花白 11650W1W - 产品公示 产品公告 Wilflex™ 不含邻苯二甲酸酯的高档塑胶白色油墨在 100%棉面料上的应用。 视图
Wilflex™ One 系列油墨 - 产品公告 产品公告 Wilflex™ One的配方中已不含PVC,但印刷和固化特性均与传统塑料溶胶相似 视图
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