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Surgical Appliances

Materials for Surgical Supply & Rehab Equipment

Wheelchairs, braces, casts and other appliances contribute to a patient’s rehabilitation. With Avient materials and expertise, you can design and manufacture equipment that operates within healthcare environment standards for hygiene, reliability and safety, whether in assisted living or in the patient’s home.


  • Anti-microbial properties to resist odor-causing bacteria
  • Durable
  • Chemical and impact resistant
  • Can withstand multiple sterilization cycles

名称 类别 描述  
WithStand™ 医疗保健行业的抗菌解决方案-产品公告 产品公告 适用于医疗行业的WithStand™ 抗微生物结局方案,描述、特征和功能 视图
Colorants & Additives for Healthcare - Application Bulletin 应用公告 Essential polymer solutions for critical healthcare applications 视图
TPEs如何帮助医疗和制药厂商满足不断增长的全球需求-白皮书 白皮书 This whitepaper details how TPEs can be used to meet global demand for healthcare devices and apparatus 视图
White Paper: Material Selection for Four Healthcare Environments 白皮书 Find out which materials make sense for your products, no matter where they’re used 视图
Medical Device Disinfection: How to Prevent Cracking and Crazing 技术文献 Understand the material compatibility with common disinfectants of various materials used in healthcare applications 视图
医疗设备的下一代 TPE 技术-白皮书 白皮书 Medical challenges, TPEs for barrier technologies, soft and clear temperature-resistant TPEs and overmolding 视图
OnCap™ HC Additives for Healthcare - Product Bulletin 产品公告 Learn about additives are specially formulated to meet material performance requirements in today’s healthcare environments 视图
OnColor™ HC Plus - Product Bulletin 产品公告 Polymer colorants formulated specifically for healthcare product applications 视图
用于医疗设备外壳的Resilience™ HC - 产品公告 应用公告 采用Resilience™ HC 制作医疗设备聚酯外壳的获益、特征和使用效果 视图
治疗设备 - 案例研究 案例研究 Versalloy™ 为BiowavePRO®非侵入性神经调节系统提供了品牌识别度和耐久性 视图
医疗器械中的热塑性弹性体 - 白皮书 白皮书 Safety factors, barrier properties and applications of TPEs in medical devices 视图
WillowWood Prosthetics - Case Study 案例研究 WillowWood meets prosthetic patient needs with advanced composites 视图