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Bath and Shower

Bath & Shower Packaging

On the shelf appeal drives package design for bath and shower products

Many consumers are opting for products which provide a more opulent and luxurious bathing and showering experience and are enticed by packaging that conveys these experiences. Connecting with all of a consumer’s senses through packaging can evoke anticipation of an indulgent event for the consumer.


  • Liquid and masterbatch colorants to provide shelf appeal 
  • Special color effects including metallic, pearlescent, marble, granite, and wood effects
  • Clarifiers and impact resistant additives for high clarity packaging that performs
  • UV additives that deliver protection for your light sensitive products
  • Scented additives to engage consumers’ senses beyond just the visual appeal
  • Soft touch TPEs for over-molded caps to engage your consumers with tactile elements and provide ergonomic benefits

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