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Personal Products

The personal care industry is just that – personal. To be responsive to changing consumer preferences, your product lineup must be agile and innovative to remain distinctive on store shelves.

We will work with you and your designers to add ergonomic features, unique sensory benefits and appealing aesthetics. We will collaborate with engineers to share the latest in engineered polymers, thermoplastic elastomers, colorants and additives. And we will work with you to produce engaging and impactful products reflective of your brand promise.  


  • Hair care
  • Dental care
  • Beauty and spa
  • Eye care
  • Personal care

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Color Trends in Packaging 手册 Color & Insights report: 2019 视图
MagIQ™ Non-Woven Electret - Application Bulletin (English) 应用公告 Functional masterbatch for protective face masks (English version) 视图
MagIQ™ Non-Woven Electret - Product Bulletin (Chinese) 产品公告 Functional masterbatch for protective face masks (Chinese language version) 视图