Black & White Masterbatches

Producing the purest whites and the deepest blacks for plastics

Black & White Masterbatches

Producing the purest whites and the deepest blacks for plastics can pose special challenges. These special masterbatches require high pigment concentrations and must be carefully formulated to ensure compatibility with the polymer matrix and uniform color development in the finished product. Contamination cannot be tolerated. At Avient, we have considerable knowledge and experience in making these special colors and, in some cases, have dedicated entire processing plants to producing them. Strategically located around the world, our facilities are your assurance of fast delivery and the highest levels of local service.

Specialty Black
We produce specialty black masterbatches for the entire range of commodity- and engineering-grade resins. We also supply to the fiber market (for carpets, textiles and upholstery) and we have black masterbatches in our portfolio which can help to achieve regulatory compliance with FDA, BgVV, JORF and EN 71-3 standards among others. In addition, we offer black masterbatches that support sustainability and the circular economy. We have infrared (IR) sortable black masterbatches, allowing polymers to be detected by near infrared (NIR) automatic sorting equipment to enable recycling. And, we developed a black masterbatch formulated from carbon black that’s been recovered from waste tires, for less energy and water usage.

Specialty White
Our specialty white masterbatches are developed to meet product performance and processing requirements not served by standard grades. White pigments formulated for use with specific base resins and additives, are manufactured in processing equipment especially designed to allow very high pigment loading. They offer excellent whiteness, opacity, and heat or UV stability in a wide range of applications. That includes injection molding, blow molding, multilayer film extrusion and high-speed T-die extrusion of thin-gauge laminations on BOPP, paper, unprimed foil, metallized film and other substrates.